Sunday, June 18, 2006

father's day

today is father's day..daddy,happy father's dad dun even know that today is father's day.kasihan dia.i luv u dad!kak yong buat pizza..mak buat tengok.kak yong's pizza mcm jadi tp mcm x jadi.hangus beb!tp x masak.aduh!so,kami ordered pizza-hut hut lagikah?mak's speg was awesome!luv it sangat.soo full!went to ikea..pusing2..ronda2..the curve..pusing2..banyak duit hangos..dpt msg from was out!oh tidak...apsal bukan faizal?hannah dah x suke die dah..mcm ntah la.hard to xplain..kak yong setuju.sangat la..

but still ada estranged..whee~..less af plz...trial is in august!!my goodness..kenape la august..august mcm2 ada..adeh.concentrate hannah.concentrate!more latih tubi..less internet..kurangkan telefon etc..argh..

prof.dr.mohd salleh sahimi b hj mohamed.
5th march 1951.
got married on 7th august 1983.
uniten calculus prof.
he's supporting england for worldcup.
he love his car.
he love his skool.
he love his family.
n his family loves him too!yeay!

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