Sunday, June 15, 2008


i'dadi asnan(pre-dentistry) is finally over!jajahan kuliah 'ulum(science) sudah berakhir!

we are finally free~!after facing continuosly of examinations and quizes this 2nd term,we are now,finally officially free!alhamdulillah and insyaAllah we'll be seing each other again next year in kuliah tib asnan(dentistry).

computer exam went smooth.i actually enjoyed answering computer exam which i merely like to study it and which notes' i drew a sad face and showed it to my family back home via webcam.the duration of the exam was 3 hours but everybody has settled answering after only half an hour the exam started.

we took pictures.the last stock of pictures in kuliah 'ulum.have to admit it.eventhough the kuliah 'ulum is like a dead building with broken pieces of furnitures here and there,i am soo going to miss that building!they have the best library ever in the university.we surveyed all the libraries in the universities and found out that the kuliah 'ulum's is the best!even the medic students came to the 'ulum's library to study eventhough they have their own.(prouuddd!!)

the sad part about yesterday is that,most of our high-standard-up-to-date-plus-handsome-and-pretty classmates will not enter the kuliah tib asnan in mansoura university.
ebraheem,whom i waved everyday and he loves to imitate me and act cute,is going to university of tanta.good for him though,his home is there.he have to take 45 minutes of journey to attend classes everyday and he didnt even missed a day.
'adel,whom we called john tucker because of his first impression toward us at the beginning of i'dadi asnan where he looked just alike john tucker in john tucker must die,is going to university of cairo.i dont actually know the reason.he seldom talk to us.huhu.comel.
and lala,who is verrryy rich and her family lives in saudi,is going to tanta university along with ebraheem because her sister lives there so it's easier for her.

there you go.those who actually know how to speak english are leaving us.(sobs).i hope shrouk didnt follow them.because we really depends on her in everything.LITERALLY!or even budak baju biru,because if he leaves,i would not be able to cuci mata anymore!and that is sad!(sobsss)

i went through hell of two months!with orals which at times were just too mean to be true and written exams which at times stabs my heart.i just hope i would not have to repeat any paper.let's just say that even if i didnt get mumtaz,as long as i pass everything,i would be happy enough.

we took pictures!thanks to luwoh who willing to put aside his medical books for awhile and helped us to take some nice pictures.i must say,the dentist students do talk a lot.there were too many perangai,too many need attention,we were just soo loud!huhu.there were so many noise to take even 1 picture.

so here're some..havent collect all yet.

beside me ebraheem,islam,ahmad hisyam(budak baju biru),and the white shirt 'adel.

ebraheem is trying to emitate me posing the peace sign,they dont know what the peace sign actually meant.huhu.

shrouk diapit.with our egyptian girls classmates.

the malaysians.the perfect complete picture.

since today is father's day.let's recite Al-fatihah to my late's been 2 father's days without him.daddy,i miss you.

and to all fathers out there,happy father's day!enjoy your day!God bless

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