Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sweet revenge eh nuha?

tagged by nuha.sweet revenge eh?i'll try to enjoy myself doing this.haha.
Put your player on shuffle.
Answer the question with the song you got.

What does your mum said when she yelled at you?
the kill - 30 seconds to mars.
i am finish with you!!fuyoh mak,i am sooo sorry..(puppy dog eyes)huhu..

Your best friend punches you in the arm, what will she say?
filrt - pussy cat dolls.
she just wanna filrt with me?alright bebeh!(wink2)

Your crush bumps into you at school, what will he say?
wei yi - lee hom.
i'm his only one?oh yeay!!cair cair cair..

You worst enemy walks up to you, what will you say?
hollywood - jonas brothers.
we're gone~so gone!hollywood,here we come!haha..boleh tahan la kena..

You are walking down the street at night with stranger, what will he say?
cascada - truly madly deeply.
he's truly madly deeply in love with me?phsycho!!!larikan diri!!

You see your pet, what will you say to her?
scream - timbaland.
i'll scream!huh?

Your favorite teacher comes to you, what will she say?
wild world - mr big.
if you're wanna leave,take good care.ok cikgu,i will.

What song do you play when you are...

what katie did - the libertines.
takde kene mengene.

kiss goodbye - lee hom
wahh memang lagu sedih!huhu.

over my head - the fray.

In love
this is the last time - keane.

Missing someone
better in time - leona lewis.
it will all get better in time,God willing..(hee..)

Having a bad day
hold on - jonas brothers.
dont give up,stand till the end!

Trying to go to sleep
chasing cars - snow patrol.
i'll be chasing cars while everyone else is counting sheeps.-.-"

Really really hyper
shuo ai ni(say i love you)-jolin tsai.

What song was being played when you were...

Having your first birthday
wont go home without you - maroon five.
they wont go home without me..how important was i..haha

Going out with your first boyfriend
you give me something - james morrison.

Getting married to...
come undone - duran duran.
who do you need?who do you love..when you come undone..huhu..
it's from the wedding album though..huhu

When you're having your first kid
519 - matt wertz
i'll be having my first kid at 5.19 am.wink2..

i tag:niksu,amelin,fatin,faridah,kak alak and ilya.

next entry(s) will be about..



fatin said...

hannah, boleh x if ftn x buat this tag? sbb ftn actually jrg dgr lagu. so, kalau ftn buat pun, maybe takkan siap.

hannahsahimi said...

ok..tak kesah pon

Nurul Nuha =) said...

weeeeee!!! thanks for doing this. =)

if there is another tagged-post, ur blog will come in first line. hahaha!

wahhhh!! bestnyer bercuti!! sdeynya tak dapek nak further study kat egypt. T_________T

oh btw, ur classmate laki2 egypt tu sgt hot..hahahaha! demmit!~ =p