Monday, June 02, 2008


mom,i am so sorry i disappoint is my fault to make such large number of careless mistakes in one paper.

it was so BANYAK i couldn't terima.

i've made loads of mistakes in my favourite MOST favourite subject.hell yes,i cried my eyes out.i was indeed sad for not doing well in my favourite subject.the subject that i aim so high,the one that i prepared for so long,the subject that i actually understand what's going on and the only subject i have confidence in learning it.and i flunk it.i made a huge mistake for the simplest question!i dont know what happened to me,i dont know what went wrong.i never cry over a paper before.i don't know why i did yesterday.maybe because was just envy for those who did well yesterday.i envy for those who i teached and they can answer the exam easily but not me.darn it,i feel like i'm the most less intelligent of all.and maybe i'm wrong for having this feeling but i feel that it's soo unfair!!!

i cried myself to sleep(well not exactly sleep la.i tried to,but the facts about the paper yesterday haunted me and i end up crying again).yeah,i define that my sadness over yesterday's organic chemistry paper is like i broke up with it.i was in love with it for God's sake!and now my stupidity made my relationship with it in great danger.i feel like turning back the time.

i HATE this!!!!!

please GOD,i don't want to repeat any paper.i pray to you.

mommy,again,i am so sorry.your daughter is a useless person who can't even answer simple question.i am really sorry,mom.

i'm trying to put this behind.statistics exam is thursday.another one of my favourite subject.i hope it would not end up like yesterday.

When it falls apart
And your feeling lost
All your hope is gone
don’t forget to hold on, hold on

When you love someone
And they break your heart
don’t give up on love
Have faith, restart
Just hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

When it falls apart and you're feeling lost
All your hopes is gone,don't forget to hold on!

-hold on,jonas brothers

all i can do is just hope.

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