Friday, June 20, 2008

surat cinta

how the egyptians deliver their surat cinta?

they use the old way!!
just like the scene in P.Ramlee's bujang lapok.except that they didnt use the glass bottles to call their loved ones.

instead,they do it something like this:

they tie the letter with a rope and drop it to the receiver's house.

We received surat cinta a number of times. it's not a surat cinta actually,it's kinda surat pengenalan.haha.

so whenever we wanted to reply the letter, the sender,which is an egyptian,and lives a floor above us,will drop the rope and will wait patiently for us to tie the reply letter on it..after that,we have to pull it twice and the rope will suddenly being pulled by the upper floor.

they fooled us by telling us to shut up because they were having their exam season,and they wanted to study.we replied by saying,ok,we will keep quiet.(dalam hati mengutuk,kau bising time aku exam takpe la pulak?)

then the letters kept falling toward us asking what are our names,asking us out for lunch yada-yada..and THAT freaked us out!we lied to them our names,but we know who exactly live upstairs,beso, ehab and kareem.after they freaked us out,we ignored them,but then they treaten us la..asking us why we ignore them la..they even screamed:'why are you angry with me!' the other night.and THAT shuts us up.huhu.but we didnt do anything pon..we didnt even apologize.haha.and they gave up kot?they didnt drop any letter since then.

the first letter:i have exam tomorrow.

the other side:please no no no no fight tonight.huh?

the sms cost us quite large amount of money.imagine 50 pastiers per sms.and if you wanna have a long chat,it will cost you 10 genih in a blink.that is the reason kot why people drop their surat cinta.huhu.

what if i do the same thing in malaysia.what will the malaysians think?

they will react by either..

kuno gile kau!


kedekut doh!sms murah maa!


kau duduk zaman bile?internet sudehh..


gile ke ape?

so,dont do this at home! or else people will think you're crazy and you'll end up in tanjung rambutan for the wrong reason and you just have to wait for me to come and visit you there.

i warned you!



fatin said...

yang tali tu, it reminds me cerita ayat2 cinta. hehehe...

Niksu Rashid said...

jappp. ape keburuk tulisan dorg? haha

hannahsahimi said...

oh fatin..tali dlm cite ayat2 cinta tu mmg wujud je kat sini..huhu..

niksu,mmg tulisan diorg buruk mcm ni..kat board lawa je..apabila di kertas..hadoih..pusing kepala bace..huhu

AALAA' said...

hahaha bes gak uh dpt surat cinta.. provided from org2 yg bes & tak creepy lorr. haha

hannahsahimi said...

huhu tau xpe kak alak..
kalau tak creepy takpe..
tapi pengalaman maa..

sakibakidaki said...

comel gile. pesal ah rumah atas aku org tua yang duduk. aihh.. tak merasa nak main surat2 cinte gini. kui2.

hannahsahimi said...

haha..kau main ar dengan pakcik tue tu..
mane tau kot2 tersangkut..
kawin dgn arab la jadinye..huhu

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