Sunday, January 24, 2010

the wedding i adore.

take a look at this.

the wedding reception of Anwar Ibrahim's son,Muhammad Ihsan and Syaheeda.
Gosh i hope for a wedding like this to be mine!
simple white garden wedding.totally to be adored!
kena kumpul duit dari sekarang!!!ok hannah,stop exaggerating .(eh tapi diri sendiri tak sedar umur dah masuk 21.haha)
but i am so sure that my mom will not allow a grand wedding because for her the simpler, the better.but mak,this wedding LOOKS simple also count kan?heehee.

speaking of weddings,i hereby to congratulates those who are planning on getting married during the upcoming winter break!especially to kak quya, our ex-neighbour.
but yeah,i cannot attend any of the weddings because i will not be in egypt during the winter break(and no.neither am i going to be in malaysia.huhu)
my doa is for all of you in gaining happiness in the upcoming new lives as husbands and wives.May Allah bless you with barakah your entire life,insyaAllah. :)


Niksu Rashid said...

Nak kahwin jugak. Hehe

hannahsahimi said...

jgn kawen melainkan bulan 7,8 atau 9 ok?hehe

ijatty said...

nak kawen jugha.. nk garden wedding tapi nak ada org maen gamelan.. boley x? ngeh3