Wednesday, January 27, 2010

happy birthday!

hello blog,
i never wish you this but..happy 4th birthday dear blog~
we've been through a whole lot!
and i hope that the blog will remain like..until i die.

okay,eventhough this has nothing to do with the birthday post but i still wanna show it because i just love the song,and the series(drama?)
proposal of daisakusen.(cerita yang sangat sweet dan comel,thanks.yamapi comel,thanks.haha) which took me almost 1 year to finish the whole series plus the special episode.due to the business,thanks.not because it is a boring typical drama.(gila defend cerita ni!astaga.)
and this song is called, chiisana koi no uta (heck,i don't even know the meaning,but i just love it,thanks.)

*apa la masalah kau dengan () ni hannah~

nota kaki:kalau blog ini seorang anak,dah boleh menulis membaca dah dia ni..dah boleh hantar pergi pre-school.hehe. crown assignments to do..PLUS pharmacology in 10 days..AND freaking effing prosthesis.i need my mommy. :(


Anonymous said...

wow!! i love this song too!! n ada post dlm blog juga.. tapi suda lameeeeee dulu~~~~ haha.. btw chisana no uta means little love song =) cute kan..

hannahsahimi said...

oh yeke?cute!!
tp lagu mcm rock2 sesuai head banging kan?syok time exam2 ni..haha :p

Anonymous said...

mcm naikkan semangat eventho ta paham pon ape yg diorg melalak =))