Saturday, August 05, 2006

11th august

i managed to catch up biology n chemistry.just few topics left.alhamdulillah.i will start reading physics maybe tonight.good luck form fives.let's conquer the damn papers.insyaAllah with Allah's help,we can do it.

11th birthday darling!i will be seventeen.i've grown up.the best part is that i'm now can freely drive a car!just a blink of an eye n u're seventeen.another blink maybe u're seventy.alhamdulillah.Allah panjangkan umurku.I'll try to be a better muslim,a better student n a better,i wanna apologise to all for the mistakes that i've done.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

trial's schedule has will start on my birthday with agama.
i don't give a damn on who's going to be the winner for AF4 anymore.i'm now supporting Ameen for one in a million [oiam]
happy studying everyone.all the best to u.

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