Friday, August 18, 2006

1st week.'s started.

on monday,we had addmaths.freaking crazy susah type of questions .i managed to answer all questions on time but still,i'm not so sure for my calculations.

tuesday,biology.ok it was so-so.paper 2 was kinda ok for me but paper 3 really annoyed me.i made the same mistakes from the previous exams.gahaha.padan muka hannah.

wednesday was chemistry day.alhamdulillah the questions were not so bad.i did some careless mistakes.i hope that i scored well.

today,we had physics paper1 and chemistry paper1.physics was hard due to the fact that it's not my favourite subject.NEVER! and i didn't prepare well for my physics.hence,i planned to do well for my paper2 n paper3.i love chemistry.chemistry paper1 was made my day!hearts to chemistry!.

puan eng said she'll give us back our papers tomorrow but i'm soo not going to school.tidur lagi seronok due to my sleepless nights studying.revenge babe!revenge!gahaha.

oh yea, lost his phone.2 days later he bought a new phone.m mobile it is.kinda's light.most important,it has azan n it will azan on every prayer x clear sangat.harga was not too expensive.hey!it's a malaysian product.proud to be a malaysian la woi!gahahaha..

tarikh pada kertas peperiksaan tertera september.jadi,kepada anda2 yg belum menduduki peperiksaan percubaan,buatlah latihan kertas soalan tahun2 lepas.banyak soalan sama.beri perhatian kepada bab elektrik untuk fizik.[incase soalan yg sama akan keluar la]


note:the trials will be continued after the school hols.gahahaha..

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