Wednesday, August 23, 2006


this morning,mak screamed:hannah!cepat siap!..i was like huh?..then only i know that kak yong is taking luqman n me to aquaria.being a pemalas,kak yong don't want to drive us,we went there via train.we had our breakfast at dunkin' donuts.bought some shoes.we arrived early,suria sangat lengang.

at 11,bought tickets to the aquaria.apparently,they r having a merdeka promotion.those who born on august get half price discount.yea.saya dapat!yeye!thank you,GOD!thank you mom n dad.x payah bayar mahal2..gahahaha..

tengok jumper..frogs..snakes..sharks..penyelam2..luqman yg terlebih the end,ada three artists.yea,i want a potret of myself.gahahaha.jd model sekejap.abg tu bengong..spm tahun ni?tahun ni susah..susah sungguh..tapi xpe..cuba lagi tahun depan..kureng btol..suddenly,beside me pon bdk spm from terengganu..abg tu ckp..oh terengganu lagi susah!lagi2 faizal baru menang kan..hampeh.siap potretku..round2..pusing2..saw rudy from the morning crew.salam2.felt damn stupid for not bringing camera.borak2 for a while.had burger king for lunch.solat.bought something for mak n dad.pulang.penat.gahahaha..bosan.

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