Friday, September 05, 2008

puasa jom?

'awak,kite harini puase penuhhh'*berlagak*

funny to see how the little ones so proud that they fasted the whole day.maybe i was like that too when i was a little kid.

my 1st attempt to fast was when i was 6 years old,i still remember arwah ayah promise us that he will give us each 1 ringgit if we fast 1 whole day.if we fast 30 days,we will get 50 ringgits,as a kid,50 ringgits is a lot!and then dad will bank in the money to our tabung haji accounts.and then we will be soo proud and we let our cousins envy us.miahaha

when i was six,after i found out that dad will give me money,i was soo excited i wake up the earliest for sahur and i didn't miss a single day untilll....

one day,i got home from kindergarten and i saw a chocolate cake mak baked,and i saw kak yong eating it and then i joined her,i forgot i was fasting kot?and then i made a huge mess in the kitchen.and when i realized i was actually fasting, mak came home,i immediately ran upstairs to hide.and then mak persuade me to come down and tell her the truth but i insisted that i was still fasting and kak yong made all the mess.bad girl me,i know,thanks,i want the freaking money!grr.haha.but then mak pretended she believes me and she offer me ice-cream and i took it.haha bodoh gile aku.and then at the end of the month,instead of 50 ringgits,i got myself 29 ringgits only.haih.

and since then!every fasting month,either mak or kak yong will tell the story again and again making fun of me in front of my brother.haiz haiz.

what is the meaning of fasting?
erti puasa - menahan lapar dan dahage serta melakukan perkara2 yg membatalkan puase dr terbit fajar sehingga terbenam matahari.

is that all?
i think menahan nafsu is also included in the meaning of fasting.they say that the satans is locked and they will be no satans in the world for the whole fasting month,but there is still nafsu that affect our lives.

nafsu makan can be really bad.because one day you will carve for loads of food and you buy them at the bazaar ramadan but then you bought too much it end up in the...


greedy greedy.bad bad.but hey,there's no satans to blame.blame yourself for not strong enough to overcome your nafsu (makan).

we used to have all kinds of lauk and kuih from one end of the table to the other end.and everything has to be tasted.and then the tummy gets over bloated and when we'll get sleepy the whole tarawih.tak khusyuk weih!haha.

and surely went through the burping sound that suddenly appeared beside you when the imam is reciting the surah.nak tergelak,tapi tak boleh,dalam solat beb!

so few years back,we decided to go back to the 'simple break fast'.nasi and 1 lauk plus 1 kuih and some tamar.

the result is..
we didn't get our tummy over bloated,didn't get sleepy during tarawih,and we didn't gain weight!!

so that is actually the reason why people gain weight during fasting month,they eat and stuff everything into their mouth!kenape?takut lapar di siang hari ke ape?haha

budak 1 was sitting near her mom with her tired face.
'hei awak,awak puasa tak harini?'
'awak dah puasa berapa hari?'
*jari tunjuk 6*
'fuyoohhh..terrornyee!!best tak puasa?'

budak 2 was drinking soy bean and i stopped him from running because he was so damn cute!
'awak minum ape tu?'
'ha? topi?'
'haah topi.'*sambil betul2kan butang baju (ok aku takpaham kenape topi,tapi aku buat2 paham.)
'awak tak puasa ke?'*sambil tolong betul2kan butang baju dia
'kenape tak puasa?'
'tak nak,tak suka.'

jujurnya kanak2.kenapa dewasa tidak jujur seperti kanak2?kadang-kadang bila bulan puasa juga ada orang yang kurang jujur.boleh pulak kan?haha.

nota kaki:
terima kasih niksu kerana memberitahu saya tajuk lagu di sebelah ini.yeay!


ME said...

XD yeap! kanak-kanak so jujur ah!
dan sangat nakal!

Anonymous said...

haha trhibur lah :)

hannahsahimi said...

kan kan???tp diorg comel jugak!!huhu

hehe tak sangke plak.:P