Thursday, September 04, 2008

gelak itu adalah ubat yang terbaik.

My top 10 most favourite food:
do i really need to list 10??!!!ok it goes
- satay.i will never get bored with this.
- chicken rice.especially mak's.
- dunkin donuts.
- sushi.
- spaghetti(al fredo,carbonara,blabla name it)
- errr gardenia? yup the bread.haha
- kuer tiaw tom yam
- pengat pisang.
- kuih seri muka supaya muka nampak berseri2.
- ayam golek,percik,panggang!!!!
weih laparrrr!!!

10 things I love doing:
- merepek.
- online
- blogging (at times)
- lazying around.
- sleep
- reading novel.
- hang out
- i love to laugh.beware of my laugh.muahaha
- drive.
- shop.

5 types of guys I adore:
- brad pitt. wahaha( hanya aku dan segelintir org yg faham)
- a gentleman.
- has a blend of rock and cool. batu dan golek wth.
- baik hati.
- senyuman menawan.
- sang kancil yg pandai menjaga hati.wahhhh!!!

5 things i love doing when I'm emo:
- pluck my ears with hardcore songs at the highest volume.
- cry myself to sleep.
- sing my lungs out.
- scold anybody came near me.
- i will go online when i'm emo.

5 things I love doing when I'm happy:
- listening to the happy song
- singing the happy song
- dance the happy dance.wahaha.
- show the happy wide smile.
- i will talk or laugh non-stop.haha.beware.

10 ways to win my heart
- treat me well.
- be yourself.
- don't be an overprotective guy.heh you think you're such a hero huh?i hate it.
- compose a song for me. whee~
- a lil bit of sweet and ,a lil bit of romantic and everything nice.
- make me smile,always.
- buy me a car.wahaha (wait, that's too much.)
- cook me something nice and edible.(when the tummy happy,i will be happy too ;))
- be nice to my mom.haha.
- i love surprises.surprise me will you?hee..

My top 5 most favourite junk food:
ha?i rarely eat junk food lah (wahhhhh...prouddd)
- crepe. (is crepe a junk food?hehe)
- om ali. (again,junk food ke?waha)
- ok fine i like bika with chicken flavour.
- and super ring with loads of cheese.
- n i love candy.give me anything,i love all.
junk food contain loads of MSGs,throw it away!wahaha

5 things I wish it could happen:
- scholarshippp!!(pray for me,people!)
- i wish to be a genius who can answer everything without studying.haha.
- i wish i could meet oprah winfrey.hee.
- leave egypt for good.(sabar,sabar 4 more years!4 more bebeh!)
- get married and have kids!muahaha(no,not now)

10 ridiculous things I wish to do before I die:
- bungee jumping.
- rob a habib jewels shop.
- kidnap the sultan's son.
- maybe i should marry a rich diying oldman and wait till he die so that i can get the fortune.muahaha
- sky diving.
- undergo a gastric bypass surgery.haha
- or maybe just lipo suction.muahaha
- quit my job and just wait to die.wahaha.(ok hell no,i wont.)
- spread an epidemic disease to the world.muahaha
- race for the f1.

My top-10 recently most addicted songs:
wait,let me think...
- cuba by faizal tahir
- what about now by chris daughtry
- loser lullaby by lucy in the loo
- leave out all the rest by linkin park
- situasi by bunkface
- tuhan by nitrus
- lagu raya~ hehehe
- burnin' up by jonas brothers
- beautiful lie by 30 seconds to mars
- pictures of you by the last goodbye.

10 Person you wish to tag:
ha now it's your turn!!
- niksu rashid
- amelin hamid
- nurul nuha
- kak alak
- bat the most poyo person ever
- faridah yaakob
- zakiah saliman.
- anybody who loves doing tags.

done?hooray!i felt like i was answering some exam questions!

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Anonymous said...

i do agree with u.hannah lovessss to laugh!oh lgu cuba.trase ok :)