Wednesday, October 04, 2006

feeling harhar

myspace stole my comments!2 pula tu!.technically,someone posted a comment for me n i received an notification mail for that but it doesn't appear!geramlah!bencilah!

received an email from abang rizal's true about the mandarin thing.[maybe niksu je paham ni]..harhar..he said he told us about it when we were conquering the studio.pelik.mcm x pernah dengar.apa2 je la.harhar.

syaf came.we studied 3 topics of physics today.mak was satisfied that i finally start concentrate on my on the other hand,still tak puas hati.whenever he saw me infront of the tv or helping mak making some karipaps,he'll ask:'tak payah study ke?'..grr..tension tau tak?takkan nak stare at the books 24/7?senseless sungguh!my brain need some rest.maybe some entertainment or so.gaha..

kak yong is flying back to ireland tomorrow.sobs.didn't get the chance to buy her anything.i'll miss her so much.we wont be celebrating raya together.lagila sedih!kak ngah will be back home in two weeks time.yeay!kak ngah will be here during raya.tapi sekejap je.this year's raya will be incomplete.i don't think that we'll stay at kampung for 1st n 2nd raya as always.S.P.M is just around the corner weih!

ayahku tanya mengapa masih online walaupun dihalang..alasan saya..carik maklumat..harhar..

oh..jejak rasul!nak tgk!nak tgk!today's episode is about hijrah.maybe i could catch some isi to answer my sejarah.gaha.


niksu said...

wey. u know what. mama niksu tak penah suruh2 gile study ni. die just ckp ayat yg sama "g bace buku". tgk tv tak dihalang. gune comp tak dihalang. gayut pun tak dihalang sgt. tp kite sendiri rase bersalah. erk. kadang kala niksu rindu nak mak marah2 suruh blaja. mcm zaman pmr dulu. hehehhe

HaNnAh SaHiMi said...

harhar..bagusnye..kamu patut berasa bertuah!

HaNnAh SaHiMi said...
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