Monday, October 02, 2006

it's october!

had the week off due to P.M.R..woke up quite early today..sat on my beloved couch while watching MHI with mak.suddenly,mak turned around and said'woi!relax je?'..terpinga2..
mak:'pergi buat kimia!'
ok..i wonder why mak is just concern about my bio lagi much much teruk tak pulak ditanya!harhar..

yesterday,we had buka puasa picnic at the taman klcc near masjid as-syakirin.a minute after the athan,the malays terus makan while the foreigners pelik2 org melayu makan gelojoh2..harhar..after maghrib,we went straight to the suria.had our dinner at california pizza.x sesedap is much much better!but,x sedap pon bloated juga! back home n went straight to bed..harhar..missed REALITI n OMG! ONE TREE HILL too!

last saturday,after watching gilmore girls.surprisingly,i was so rajin n went to the stday room to study.done some addmaths.SBP punye soalan xde la susah sangat!no wonder diorg excellent!grr..studied some bio..mak woke up suddenly.she opened the study room's door with sangat pelik face n went to the kitchen to cook something for sahur.i was like awalnye mak masak?tiada jam di study room so,i've lost the track of time.i went to the living room.n's almost 4!dah lame x blaja pagi2.i'm so proud of myself..harhar..

S.P.M weih!!!!!!!!

hannah di kala parents tiada di rumah mengambil kesempatan..harhar..

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