Saturday, July 01, 2006

hari spa..

hari spa bersama pelanggan..

baca laju2..ingat ape?spa?hell no!kami tertipu!!our class were scheduled to what cikgu called hari spa..she pronouced it spa and not s.p.a...we were like mcm mane boleh ada spa?baiknye skolah buat spa? the end baru we realized that spa means suruhanjaya perkhidmatan awam..tamparan hebat..
the ceramah was quite interesting..all about after spm n if u get bad result for spm..wannabe a nurse or pembantu pembedahan etc etc..not really my choice..but heck,kalau my spm result sgt truk n memalukan..itu choice yg agak bagus..

ok,the sakit hati part..

this girl...i dunno what i did to her..sangat menjengkelkan...she's a copycat..oh yea she is..i mean like..die tiru what i like..what i hate...who i hang out i dress...what i eat..what i read...what i wanna buy.....sangat geram u know?still ok la if die tiru baik punye..but then,she's like melampau!

i told them that i wanna buy the germany converse long sleeve shirt..which is sangat lawa..hitam..n my dad gave me the money but i didn't buy it yet..apparently,die dpt tahu n then rabu that day,she told me that she saw this germany shirt at converse n she wanna buy it n her dad already gave her the money..i told her that i saw the shirt mase mule2 worldcup aritu..then she said she saw it b4 the worldcup in a magazine..bullshit!if u saw it first,then how come baru sekarang nak cerite?argh!!!

then die mcm mengorat pierce..i told syaf,syaf told her but she's mcm dun even care..huh!i knew the f6s last year..we like sgt rapat..dia kenal mereka like last day,i was like gurau-ing with always..n she came..hang out..ok..but then,wassup with the tolak2 me ke tepi sampai langgar dinding?..u suck u know?suck like shit!

another sakit hati part..
ok i've made a promise to kent jehn makan sama2 on tues sbb i've got agama xtra class..but then ustazah said class x,i told him x boleh makan sama2..kene balik..then on wednesday,he was like merajuk..okla..i've apologised..still merajuk..nak apologise brape banyak kali??

pierce juga merajuk for god knows why..i mean karwei hantar me to tuition then dunno y die nak,i merajuk back..sape suruh u layan bitch tu?mengada-ngada!

tonite is important..
yes..tonite germany vs argentina..pray for germany people!!

copycats are bitches.
germany for victory.
lelaki kuat merajuk.


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