Sunday, July 02, 2006

sad mode

england lose...sangat menyentuh hati..well,i predicted that england will win..adeh..portugal main kasar!!!so unfair!.england without beckham,without rooney,without owen..10 men on the field..mane x kalah..adeh..
yet,on the bright sight.brazil lose!!wooho!!1-0 to yes,i'm now fully praying for germany.germany for worldcup!

af4.diddy was the first to perfome!his biar betul was awesome!go diddy!salima was out!hurray!!tu la gedik lagi..that's the result!sangat syok!farhan's biarlah rahsia menyentuh perasaan.

last night was also jj lin's concert at genting.jj lin sang the song that's playing in my blog.i really2 wanna gave me the green light but then tiada transport.tak pasal2,monkey called me n said he's at genting watching the concert.sangat unfair!

i have to go to the rotract club's installation day dinner last night at prescott's.i got the dress.but then tak jadi because tiada orang mengambilku.pierce was unwell.heh!penat beli baju!

tonight,the 15th yu hua harmonica concert!yeay!i'm going!!i will enjoy myself there!whee~..

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