Saturday, July 08, 2006


tadi at skool ada colleges' exhibition.the hall was full of people.i went there after recess sbb after recess' classes mcm boring tahap i went to each table.from the new era college to nottingham malaysia university.the course i chose of coz la dentistry,but then there were only 2 colleges with dentistry course.the sunway college n another 1 i forgot.xpe,nanti check.banyak yg offer medicine studies.i just wrote my name there.there was this guy.from doctorjob sangat friendly n gave me the selection of universities which offer the dentistry course.thank you!

for the universities and colleges that don't have the dentistry n medicine courses,i applied for the business,architecture,marketing n engineering courses.who knows if x dpt medicine n dentistry.still ada banyak choises.i wrote down my details to every colleges n universities.the people semua chinese n for every single table mesti i get the 'so,can u speak chinese?' n 'say something in chinese plz' n lots more.i mean it's a chinese school.still nak tanye ke if the student know how to speak?ngok ngek betul!the kojadi college guy sangat kelakar.he said'i know u can speak chinese,u've made my job easier.'pergh..

i really admire the japanese pak cik.he was there to promote the japan university.i applied there first,the pak cik spoke chinese with me.i thought he's a malaysian.but then he speaks japanese with almost all his assistants.then i asked him wether he's a malaysian.he said he's a japanese.i was like wow..his chinese was fluent gile mcm those who live in china.hebat.tabik!hormat!muah to pak cik!

ok.each class mcm diberi only setengah jam.but then i went there for 1 hour n a half.haha.class x masuk ape2 pon.masuk kelas,half an hour lagi utk balik.cikgu like dun care.x belajar pon.hehe.

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