Monday, July 24, 2006


at first,i was ok with my dad's decision by writing a letter to the plkn people.but think back.i dun really quite agree with him.i want him to hear my opinion now.yeasterday,in the car.i argued with him.bertikam's like hell cause everybody is in dad's side.i'm all alone defending myself as if i'm gonna change his mand or something.

i mean,i wasted my whole 5 years precious,expensive getting shorter time in the co-curicular activities just to make sure that i will not be selected to the plkn.i did that.n i got what i want but dad,on the other hand,forcing me to go n willing to ask his orang dalam friends to help.i mean.i do not n wont want to go to the full of trouble,jerks,ghosts n maybe worst stuff camp thingy!dad went all over with the 10% marks of going to the ipta stuff.and nagging all around n mak defending him saying that i'll learn something new if i go.kak ngah experience frightened me enough!she told me about the people getting hesteria or something.she said it's good for u blablabla n that i'll met some hot hunks there.i mean,i know u met syafiq there but that doesn't mean that everybody will get the same experience.n i do not n wont wanna be friends with the rempits or whoever in whatever groups people.

kak yong said i didnt have the chance to participate in such cool camp.korang bertuah tau yadiyadiyada..whatever.i'm still stick with my thought n i dont wanna go!dad said kalau x nak masuk u,xpayah la..then i said ok.i dun wanna masuk u.but he said i will write the letter no matter how hard u said no.shitness ni!i cried.i lost.freakingly unhappy.bloody freakingly the worst debate ever.i hate this so called helping the young generation to b more patriotic camp.

went to school.victor came to advice me.then came stephanie with the hug.desiree with the condolences.n karwei with the just go word.ah..the form six..they themselves didnt even go to the stupid thing n came to advice me.oh,GOD!

i do wish that dad will somehow change his mind or something.pray for me people!


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