Sunday, July 16, 2006


cerita pathetic.i woke up late.10 sumting.dizziness melanda..i wonder why.i went back to sleep.till 11.45.tuition.sangat syiok.i balas-ed my dendam to bitches [didn't really punched them whatsoever la f.y.i]i enjoyed it very much.luv to sindir them.luv it when they want to sindir me but got caught by my handsome addmaths n physics teacher,en fakaruddin.luv it when cikgu ask them to answer one particular question but they got it wrong n i laughed like damn hard till my stomach hurts.luv it when they mcm nak tarik perhatian cikgu but x it when my crush ada datang [oh..malu.]luv it when he sits next to me.whee~syiok!i just love this wonderful day!muahahaha!

but then the weather today was extremely hot.great news,baju kering!bad news,i'm sick.again!got the the pening.didn't get the chance to open my freaking books.alahai.tomorrow is my last tuition [chinese] day.i'm gonna miss miss kong soo much.

i watched trek selebiti last night,diddy looked extra handsome!
who's going to be voted out tonight?jeng jeng jeng..plz b haziq or faizal..
i want AFMASUK!!
tonight is the gilmore girls night.
ayuh tonton tv!gile buku x bace.adeh..


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