Wednesday, July 12, 2006

fifa,trial n so..

ok,germany got the 3rd place.thanx to mr number 7[apparently,i dunno how to spell his name..hehe]kahn was extremely great that day.luv him so.lahm was great.he tried to score a goal but the ball aparently missed the net.i didn't sleep at all that night.after the whole penat lelah berjalan n x boleh terima diddy af4 was out thingy,i can't even close my,the day was not the shitness day for me.i mean,ada malang n ada baik.whee~

the next day was sunday.ok.watched imbasan with my was like'how old is he?'then i told him 21.then he said'elok sangatlah tu!'n i was like hehehehe.then mak was like 'oi!gatalnye!'ngeh ngeh.that day x tidur juga.i mean,i took a nap but disturbed by my mum who wanted me to acompany her to we went,i didn't buy anything coz i dun have the mood to do so.mum bought what she called 'barang dapur' yg totally terlampau banyak.then,i stayed up late for the final.zidane was so stupid.hancur harapanku supaya france menang.sadly,italy won the worldcup.5-3 via penalty.

yesterday at skool,semua demam bola.everybody was talking about the same topic.even the teachers.then,time belajar..semua eng was like:' 5C..kamu punye trial lagi 28 hari.tengok semua nak tidur..kamu nak spm ni..'.niksu sent me a message.she said diddy dah bertunang!i was like serious?then i bought the metro newspaper.ya betul!adoi.kecewanya. dengan kemengantukan yg teramat,i went to tuition.the guys behind us was like nak cari pasal.sibuk jaga tepi kain orang.they dont even know what colour is kuprum.sengaja cari pasal.let see next,after maghrib.ingatkan nak take a nap kejap so that i can watch diddy's wasiat on diary but then tidur n tidur n tidur n terjaga at 1.00 am.alahai kecewa!geram!so i woke up.tengok tv for a while.diary ada but not yang 1st,dengan kekecewaan yg bertambah,i studied chemistry.for just 1 hour dah pening2.cant was 3.00 am.baca paper till 4.went up.n tertidur at 5.00 mak woke me up.freakingly tired n sleepy.went to skool.went to agama's xtra class.n here i m.yeay!

kak yong melancong ke aussie today.sadly,mak didn't let me go.
happy bday darryl.
i'm freakingly bloody tired.
watch diddy![muzik @ria]
trial 7th august till 1st sept 2006 [11th august is my bday!bloody hell.]
gerak gempur 12-15 n 18-20 sept 2006.
study darling!good luck to spm-ers!

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