Monday, July 17, 2006

sorrow sunday

my sunday started with tears.pak long,mak went back to kampung to visit him at 4 am.after semua woke up.we went straight to kampung.arrived at pak long's house.there was full of people.kesenyapan melanda.the house filled with sorrow.i went to see mak.mak asked me to read the,i sat in front of pak long and read it.after a while,pak long wanted to see his,his children came.they apologised to him.something like that.i can't really hear them talking.i continued my reading.pak long wanted to see nenek pula.that moment kesedihan melanda.pak long mintak maaf with nenek.nenek bursted into tears.then one of pak long's son came.he teached him to say ALLAH.i finished my reading.mak long came with a glass of water in her hand.she asked pak long wether he wanted to drink.she guided him to drink.the people around me was crying.even mak,if i'm not mistaken.i nearly cried but i cant.nenek said his feet dah sejuk.then the silent came again.

after a while,cikde came with qurans.mak asked me to read the quran again.a bunch of us[women n girls]read the yassin.after that,pak long said something to mak long.i cant hear a thing.but anjang n cikde was there listening.i broke the sorrowness with my reading again.i heard adib was reading the yassin while crying.pity him.then,luqman came to see me.ayah dah nak,after the salams n some chatting,we went back home.

hope that pak long will be healthy as usual.
i'm happily to annouce that lotter was voted out!syiok!
where's my gilmore girls?
starting tomorrow,akan ku concentrate pada pelajaran.internet,jangan gangguku.
happy burfday victor n waikuan.


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