Monday, September 04, 2006

pissed off.

two weeks before,i asked my dad:'have u send the letter,dad?'.he said not yet.i was like.THANK GOD!!..

dad reminded me about the stupid NS thing that it made my study mood flew away.great job,dad.

we had an argument.he kept telling me about the advantage of attending this stupid camp ie: 10% for ur university application.blablabla..whatever dad.i wont go!i've told u before dad!u just never listen dad!i have plans after spm dad!i wanna drive dad!i dont wanna end up like those lapuk girls who don't drive,dad!

here,i would like to list down the disadvantages:
1. i could end up DEAD!!.happy dad?
2. i could end up having the mystery disease and there's no cure for that.great right dad?
3. people will totally laugh at me for not knowing the malay's bahasa pasar.i'm in that situation now,dad!wanna make my life more miserable?
4. people will accuse me being 'berlagak'.i've been there dad!
5. i could end up being jahat,or tak siuman.GREAT!

things that i hate about going to the stupid camp:
1. i'm not used to hang out with hundreds of malays.
2. i'm not going to have the enjoyable moment spending my 6 months holidays that i've always wishes for.
3. i just hate it dad..don't u realize?

NO u don't!u don't even care,dad!

i just wish u could just spend a minute to listen...haiz..

thank you,dad..for spoiling my study mood..haha..exam bm nanti,result teruk!!yeay!

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