Saturday, September 16, 2006


ok.the whole house is sick!harhar..luqman ponteng sekolah 2 days coz batuk2.luckily,upsr dah habis..nak risau ape?cemburu ni!adoi!!.the virus has spread from dad to mak to luqman n lastly to kak,i have my own virus la..x seronok la,we cant go out.nothing to do.just stay at some tv.i didn't even open my book yet.harhar.ape nak jadi la hannah oi!!

yesterday,i smsed hunny.n i suddenly use the harhar word.then,macam syok plak.i love harhar word..harhar..seronok!harhar..ok stop.

haiz..nothing much to tell.oiam.i love it when dayang is voted out!syok dude!it made my day!!harhar..suki,kamu keluar pulak ye? for alif n faizal!!harhar..

saya rase saya suke sumbody but sombody tu suke org lain..harhar..haiz...

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