Sunday, September 10, 2006


semalam sangat havoc.i went to school got some papers back.biology sucks!too many careless mistakes pn sang said.i just passed.haha.better work harder hannah!yeah,i received a B for kimia.i love kimia.i'll try to get an A next time.guess what?i got a C for my mandarin!!!!it really made my day!!my next aim for mandarin is that i'll try to maintain the C.hahaha.and..modern maths..i love it.paper 1- 35 over 40.good job!good job!

after recess,we went straight to tuition.i really wanna go to the tuition for physics.en fakaruddin said that he's teaching keradioaktifan which i totally suck at it.but when i reached there,about 15 mins,and the class has finished.i'm so pissed off!so,dgn sakit hatinya,i called my sis n went back home.i didn't go for the addmaths tuition.hah!sape suruh buat tuition pagi2?tak faham2 ke orang lain SEKOLAH?bengang sungguh!

at home,siap2.shai's brother got married.went to the kenduri.i walked there.kak yong sangat sengal drive separuh jalan je.saw syazwan,ean,aizzat n husna there.n yes,shai too.n my juniors yg x pergi sekolah..rajaie[shai's bro],ameer n syahmie.i didn't eat there as i have some eating problem these few days.tapi sup tulang singapore tu sedap la..syazwan gave me a taste of was a simple wedding though.up at the hill n sangat sejuk.we just lepak around n gossiping.layan ada[shai's youngest sis] berceloteh panjang.took some pics.tak banyak bateri habis.the house mcm best.teatur gile.went into shai's room.sangat teratur for budak bujang.from 2.00 to 5.00 there.i purposely x nak balik rumah cepat2 coz ada guest n i totally malas to tolong2.jahat,at five,after waiting shai took some family pics.this guy,i dunno datang dari mane..gave me a bouquet of flowers.shai came and said 'lepas ni kau yg kahwin pulak'..i was like 'weih,jangan nak gedik.'

shai drove me home with his mercedes.berlagak la sungguh sangat la menyampah!tapi best la..die bawak laju.haha.masuk rumah.apsal la org2 ni tak pulang2 lagi.salam2.went into the kitchen.mak followed.

mak: balik dengan siape?
me: dgn shai.
mak: apsal balik dgn die?
me: die boleh hantar.lagipon kereta mak bukannye bleh kuar pon kan?
mak: hannah dgn die ade pape ke?
me: ape mak ni?takde la!takde pape..mak sendiri ckp die lembik kan?
mak: asek dgn die je mak tgk.
me: kawan lame la!

oh!ku sgt benci dgn statement mak tu!!sangat sangat benci!!
after sembahyang.i watched karpet merah anugerah era..then i fell asleep.i didn't watch the show pon..suddenly terjaga..mawi..then tidur balik..terjaga..mawi lagi..then tidur..then mawi lagi..then tidur..lastly,tidur sampai pagi!

oh yea..happy belated belated yang dah lewat sangat to my dearest bro,abg rizal.
i received an e-mail from him asking me about my trial.tau2 je baru habis i replied him back with the wish la..sayang sungguh abg rizal x pick up my calls yang banyak kali gile try..i was plannig nyanyi in chinese lagi.haha..adoilah..happy bday!

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