Sunday, April 15, 2007


i had fun yesterday!!
yesterday was husna's 18th,we've planned to have a surprise birthday was held at the palma cafe in pkns bangi at 9pm.palma cafe is the 2nd best place to hangout after bangi kopitiam,here in bangi.but the plan doesnt go really well.apparently shai dont know how to keep husna stay in one place and husna suddenly got all merajuk and wanna go back home we called her up and completely spoilt the surprise la kan..buat penat je aku berpeluh² tunggu 'line clear' tepi tangga yang busuk berbau rokok tu!siot betul.tapi husna still surprised with us all suddenly terkeluarkan kepala panggil dia naik atas andddddddd....the best pak cik ever who sang the birthday song for her free of charge.with the mic and the keyboard..made her tears rolled was fun!should do it more often..except the busuk bau rokok part la..gaha.

husna(the birthday girl) and her bf,shai.

us girls.


the party end at 10.30pm.then we jalan² to ean's house.syaf drove the car.i was like..i want to drive the car!!but they all were like..tak nampak la!jangan..doh.dengki!cis!syaf's driving skill is very similar with mine..i wonder why mak still didn't allow me to drive alone yet.grrr....geram sungguh la~..but nevermind,i'll practice more often!kembaraku yg membara..bersabarlah anda~..i arrived home at 11pm and everybody was asleep.doink betul.

my cousins,my anak sepupus,cikde and pak ude slept overnight here.but due to the kodi astro angah arman's family have to leave early.he said:'ada meeting pukul 9 nanti!'...palotak hang!grrr...along's family tak jadi spent the night here with same reason..'astro kau tak gune arr...'...ek eleh...angah arman came here yesterday with his so called 'magic' fingers to repair the kodi astro but end up with absolutely nothing except a technician's phone number.baik takyah,angah!cis!harapan palsu.

the technician came this morning and our astro is fully recovered from any illness!yeay.according to the technician,the piring eventually disambar petir.and we were like...OH~...and we watched the ulangan of konsert akademi fantasia at 1.30 pm.

i had fun these two days!i've cooked.and it turned up to be hangus.but angah still said it was nice though!so mak,somebody just compliment my cooking skill!big heart to angah arman!!gaha.i've played with the little ones.oh!heaven!

kema and i

i have to go to JPN tomorrow..and to medicglobal..and to aunty sarah's to meet aunty ani!!yeay!really hope that she'll go.gahahahahaha.(segan)

i need new shoes!!!i really² need new shoes as soon as possible!!new bag also.and shades!grrrrrr...

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