Monday, April 23, 2007

the muffin man?the muffin man!

mak and luqman left me alone at home to cikde's yesterday thinking that hani and i gonna bake the muffins.but,there were some changing of plans and we didnt bake them yesterday.and i was so frustrated that i've cleaned the whole house!and mak came home without babling about how a girl left alone at home didnt do any cleaning to the house.yay me!haha.

so,we baked the muffins today.and it turned out to be..beautiful!i'm a good baker!we are the muffin men!muahahahaha..err...the muffin girls to be's easy to bake the muffins.especially when the tepung is already done with the mixture.we bought the ready tepung je.and we added some eggs,oil,and water.hahahaha..senang!30 mins je dah siap.haha.bijak!

we were thinking of baking more muffins tomorrow!at least i didnt get bored doing nothing at home..i have muffins to bake!haha.

i'll meet kaer on the 26th of april!not 25th!!OMG thank you abg rizal!!tak tahu la apa akan jadi kalau pergi ke astro pada 25 haribulan.mesti geram nak mati.26th people!26th!this thursday!OMG!gahahaha..

currently solving another couple's problem.

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