Sunday, April 22, 2007

these walls.

mak suddenly asked me to drive the kembara when we were on our way to the kubur.she said,balik nanti drive lah.n i was like..ha??mak,lesen tak bawak la..i actually dont want to drive the car today since i didnt drive it for a week.i bet my driving skill has become worse and mak will started to scream loudly again.And...
it turned out to be true..
for my mum,my driving skill sucks.but the good thing is that nobody honked me!!everybody honked me when the 1st and 2nd time i drove the car.haha.for mak,i cant drive by my own yet.she said she'll only allow me to drive alone when i reach 21.err...mak,to make things clear...i'm still new in driving the kembara.i only drive it 4 times.and i want to drive it by my own NOW!not,another 3 years!OMG kak ngah,please come home as soon as possible!!!
But i drove it without mak's directions.i mean,i went right or left without mak scream KANAN!!!or KIRI!!..she only screamed...BREK!!..or ORANG!!!..or..KERETA!!!.
-__-" ..i envy xinwei.her parents allow her to drive by her own a week after she passed her jpj test.and her driving skill is very very similar to the 18 year old girl.CIS!!

i watched the movie called three times in kirana just now.the stroy was about a couple in three generations.kinda cute.but it's also kinda bores me.they didnt talk much.they just express they emotions.and they were loads of songs in it.kinda reminds me of yasmin ahmad's film.three times used loads of hokkien.n i dont know any other hokkien words except NIAMA,BO LIAO,XIA SUI,and XIANG AR?,didnt really understand what they said.coz the subtitles are also confusing.but overall,i gave it 7 from 1 to 10 scale.i recommend it to guys should watch three times in kirana.grab ur astro guide to know the next date that they'll air it again.

oh!time to bake the muffins with hani!will update about it soon!whee~..

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