Friday, April 20, 2007

berdua lebih baik.

i cleaned up the windows yesterday!but only half of them la.very tiring u know?n mak was the one who told me to,i stopped!haha.but she went extremely angry.because i didnt clean up the rest of the windows.
-______-" .semalam kate tak payah???adoih.but i told her that i'll do it tomorrow.harini panas la.malas.haha

oh.i dont understand why couples keep cari me for solving their problems.i mean.hello?i dont have any experience in this matter!ask anybody else!but noooo,they still find me for now i'm in the middle of solving one couple's problem.pening sudah.

i watched wakenabeb yesterday.honestly,it was the first time i watch the 2nd season ok?haha.i think the 1st season was wayyyyy better.that's my opinion la.but yesterday's pija prank was like gila la tak bleh bla!hebatttt...simbah² air.gaha.and i watched KAER in thursday nite live.OMG he's soooo cute!kaer,mari rabu makan muffin!hehe..

i'm now in love with JOHN MAYER!haha.lagu die sedap.sedap mcm gula²!

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