Tuesday, April 17, 2007

tak kacak.

i went to the medicglobal today.n now only have to wait for the offer letter.i'm now in a dilemma.dont know which to choose.i pretty sure in my last post i was so confident with my decision that i'll only attend the matrkulasi for 2 to 3 months.but after that,mak came home and told me about other people's experience.she told me that her friend's daughter has completed 3 years of medical degree in moscow,russia..she doesnt really like studying there and wanted to continue the rest 2 years here.BUT,since she dont have any a-level or matriculation or stpm qualification(similar to my case,kita terus buat degree),the government cant help her.even the private colleges cant do anything about it.so her mother said she's sending her to indonesia to complete all 5 years of medical course.in conclusion,if i wanna go to egypt to furthering my studies,there's no more turning back.i mean,i have to complete all 5 years of my degree programme there.tak kisah if i dont like the place.i cant suddenly come back and continue my studies without entering any a-level programmes.paham ke apa aku merepek ni??

so,i'm in a dilemma.because i dont know how is egypt like.damnit.it's so unfair.
but,the people from medicglobal told me that,there's nothing to worry about.i'll love it there.huh.pening.

i dont feel really well today,so i've skipped my driving practice sesion with mak.i hope that i'll get extra well tomorrow!


ab said...

hahah ape kodi?

HaNnAh SaHiMi said...

kodi bak kate niksu ialah poyo..
taktau la ab kalau niksu beri ajaran sesat..haha