Thursday, April 26, 2007

stop it please.

i'm not ready to be nice.i'm not ready to be happy.i'm not ready to be jumpy.i'm not ready to be tolerance.

stop coming to me with ur problems.stop judging my new friends.stop telling me to do what.stop asking me to solve ur couple's problem.i'm a normal human being.i deserve to be angry.i deserve to cuss once in awhile.

stop being fake.stop telling me that 'i wish i could help.'if u dont want to help,if u dont want to listen,just say it!just say it that u're selfish.TELL ME THAT U DONT EVEN CARE.i lent my ears to listen to ur problems.i lent my streght to help u.i lent my brain to help u solve ur problems.i lent my ideas to u when u need some.y cant u lend me some of urs?WHY ARE PEOPLE BEING SO SELFISH?SO PARANOID?

so,stop coming to me.stop sms me for awhile.i need an alone time.yes,i'm being emotional.but,stop judging me.

stop asking me wether or not i'm ok.stop asking me wether or not i'm fine with everything.I'M NOT OK!.if u get the chance to meet an actor/actress or a singer that u hang his/her poster on ur door and bought everything that have to do with him/her and supproted him/her all day,but u cant go,will u be ok with it?i wanna see if u're ok with it.SO,I'M NOT OK.I WILL NEVER BE OKAY UNLESS a brain surgoen come to me and make this memory dissapear.maybe i will be fine by then.

do not disturb me for awhile.i need an alone time.i cant handle with pressures.i dont do well with solving my own problems.maybe i'll end up being the shooter that killed 32 people in virginia.maybe i'll shoot everybody including myself.yeah,maybe i can do that.since now,i'm in the jail with pressures and problems.yeah.maybe i'll do that.

YES,i really like him.i've voted for him since the year 2003.yet,i doesnt deserve this once in a lifetime opportunity,right?maybe i should stop liking someone.maybe i should stop loving doing that,maybe i could get the things that i wanted so bad.YEAH.MAYBE I SHOULD DO THAT.

STOP blaming me for ruining my eyes for crying about this.stop telling me to take care whatsoever.i'm sad.I'M DEEPLY SAD.and i'm doing what people do when they're sad.i dont care if i got sick.who asked u to not allowing me to go?padan muka lah if ur third daughter suddenly got a fever.PADAN MUKA SANGAT.

p/s: do not disturb me for a few days.i will tell u whenever i feel better.and dont blame me for didnt reply any of ur phone calls or any of ur messages.I NEED AN ALONE TIME!

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