Saturday, April 21, 2007


my day today started with very emotional day.i've cleaned all the windows and apparently that wasn't good enough for mak.but i dont really mind.but i told her that i'll do it,i WILL do it tomorrow.don't have to worry about it,mak.

i dont get her time,she'll be extra nice,another time she'll be not in mood 24/7.i dont think it's about PMS.she's been like this for three weeks now.and i have to be tough to face every words that kinda...erm...mean..that she throw to me.

things changed from bad to better today with hani's call saying that my kodi laptop is ready to be use(and i'm using it now,cause the screen is not blue,like my pc.).i'm happy to enjoy the colourful world of alam maya!!haha.

and,syaf dropped by today and i had a BIG laugh with her.we found out that those two girls that we hated soo much didnt get selected to matriculation.which was a good sign cause syaf told me that she kept dreaming about them.which was scary cause you dont know how mean they can be!OMG,please dont let any of my friends be their friend.believe me,they can do anything to destroy anybody!ok.enough about that.

so,konsert AF this week brought in some that kelainan bores me.watching those so called 'bintang senior' talking and those unnecessary clips bores me to tears.i mean there's no use of showing those clips.maybe the talking is bagus la.tapi,banyak sangat.i believe that if they cut off the clips ang the talking part..the show should be end like just in half an hour je.but i heart dafi's perfomance!dafi did well in the song!OMG,he even pronounced the mandarin words like 60% perfect!a job well done,dafi!i love u..(this week je la..haha).and,aizat's perfomance was the best tonight.kudos given to him.he deserved it.but i hope he'll not be too proud about it.people hate that,i'm happy with today's concert.

so,that's about it.kinda not in the mood of blogging today.i had a moody day with my family.kinda think of it.I NEED TO GO OUT AND HANG WITH FRIENDS!i cant do well with pressures!oh God,please say mak will let me hang with my juniors on monday.PLEASE!

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