Saturday, April 28, 2007

no eating equals to happy life.

i have a theory.a really good eating equals to happy life.i woke up this morning and i was menggigil.i nearly fainted but i quickly went to the kitchen and drink some water.after subuh,i had milo and three keping of breads which made the gigil stopped,Alhamdulillah.but things gone bad.ustazah scolded me for the wrongs that i did in my quran recitation.i dunno y,but i recited teribbly today.i didnt makan hati for ustazah's lecture but the day gone from bad to worse.

i went to alamanda today and kak ngah suddenly asked me about i told her that kaer called whatsoever.then kak ngah suddenly said'nak jumpe kaer!nk jumpe'.kalau nak jumpe apsal aku suruh kau pujuk mak kau taknak ha?siot betul tak gune!TAK GUNE BETUL!serious tak if la mak nak dgr sngat pujukan aku?palotak kau!betul² la tak bleh diharapkan langsung!urgh!!!!!!!

then kak ngah treat me tasted tawar for me.everything is tawar.the burger,the french fries,the milo ais.i didnt finish it but it already made me feel full.and we went jalan² looking for barang dapur.and luqman made me angry.dah tahu aku takde mood,kau nak carik gaduh ngan aku apsal?so,i pinched him.pinched sikit je.sekali je.dahh nak nangis.then kak ngah scolded me,and we got home,mak scolded, equals to i should stop eating.i should have let myself menggigil and didnt do any actions about it.that would make everybody happy right?

GOD,why are u torturing me?

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