Friday, April 27, 2007


i woke up today and i wanted to forget everything and start a new day.but i think i have THE MOST unfair,weird,mean mum in the whole wide world!dah la tak kasi aku jumpa kaer..sukan pon tak kasi pergi..maybe she just wanna let me die with boredom in home.argh!

bodoh betul is so unfair!!life is full of lies.i hate lies.i hate everything now.i hate people.i hate me emo but that's what i am now.geez...thanks,mum.

yea.kaer did called me.kalau call baik aku takyah vote berlambak²!sampai tangan lenguh²!baik aku call je die mase die sgt senang.everybody pernah call kaer!I WANT TO MEET HIM!not listen to him!kalau dengar je,baik aku bukak cd dgr berjuta² kali!dah la cakap beberapa saat je.urgh.i hate 26/4.i dont want to get married on 26/4.I'M NOT HAPPY.i'm so not's just sooo unfair!

and,i hate crying.oh GOD,please stop this.i cant handle it anymore!

i drove over hadlaju today.i drove 80 km/h in a 40 km/h made mak scream.but i dont care.i dont even listen to her.i just drive as if the road is mine.lepaskan geram!yeah!i should do it more often for i'm now full of grudge and anger living in a house like a prisioner!

luqman wants to go out and buy new shirts and mak said ok.boleh plak bersuka²????????kalau hannah,tak bleh je la????unfair gile!

currently staying as far as i could from any of kaer songs.any of kaer made me feel sad.and i'm staying away from food,yes,mum..I AM THAT SAD!get it?i didnt even eat her nasi lemak yesterday.and she asked me wether or not i eat it.and i didnt answer any of her questions.till now.maybe will be continue until i decided to get married 6 years mum,be surprise if i talk to u after 6 years.


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