Wednesday, April 18, 2007

feeling kodi and perut tak best.

mak didnt allow me to go to the gathering.

mak said..
tak sehat lagi..tak payah la..

asked again,and she said...
siape nak hantar??

told her that i'll be following my friend,and she said..
budak² drive malam² tak selamat..tak payah la..

and i cried..i cried so badly that i've fallen asleep.dont blame me for crying.i miss my school!i miss my classmates!i miss them!i miss bullying them!i miss laughing so hard in class that people could tell and figure out that thatlaugh is my trademark laugh.OMG.I MISS EVERYTHING!!including the time when everybody will group up together and started to gossip.i miss hang out with pn eng!OMG i bet she'd delivered her baby by now.i miss arguing which is the best football team or whose the best F1 driver with win shen and his gang.i even miss the kodi radio yu hua.i miss chinese songs!that explains why i kept playing chinese songs in my myspace,dont blame me for crying.

pak andak and mak andak came simplify everything..pak andak told me to just go for the egypt thing.forget matriks.but,if i suddenly became the luckiest girl and the upu thing give me the courses that i love,i should go for upu instead.OMG.pening.

kak ngah rocks!she said she'll accompany me to astro!now,i dont have to worry about transportation.kak ngah is coming home on the 24th of april!yeay!and she'll definitely teach me kembara and will tell mak that i can drive on my own now!gaha kacak!kak ngah rocks!kak ngah,if u're reading this,I LOVE U!hahahahaha..

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