Tuesday, April 10, 2007

emosi dah ni.

a driving practice session today.

i dont know what's wrong with me.mak said left,i turned right.and i got mad when mak said i turned the wrong side.i was really sure that my right is left.maybe i just woke up and i was having the blur baru bangun dari tidur moment.

i was a bit more relaxed when i drive the kembara today.which is good....kan?...kan?
the roads need major make over!i cant see the lines!where're those lines?how do i suppose to know where to stop if i dont know where the fcuking line is?oi jabatan kerja raya!buat line tu lekas!!!aku tak nampak!!pastu aku kene marah sebab berenti jauh sgt.kau punye pasal la!jkr busukk..

i went to hani's immediately after i got home from the practice session..away from mak's BERHENTI!!! scream...away from mak's KIRI!!KIRI!! scream..it made me feel very emotional tau?haha..so i went there to give kak ngah's husband(i dont know how to spell his name) my kodi laptop to be repaired.hoorayy!!

i met mohd akmal hanif today!i enjoyed watching him sleeping.but i hate it when he started to poo..haha..hanif,jangan poo depan aunty hannah lagi,ok?busuk..haha..

faiz bought this motorola flip phone that only cost RM280!and it is so damn kacakkkkkkkk!but takde kamera,takde mp3,takde infrared,takde bluetooth.TAPI ADE RADIO!!ITU PALING PENTING!!tapi,patutkah saye beli?

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