Tuesday, January 16, 2007


pak ulong sukri telah pulang ke rahmatullah pada pagi ini.AL-FATIHAH.
after accompanying mak service the car,we received the sad news from luqman who was at home having lunch.mak went straight to kampung with cikde n left me alone at home.luqman ada sekolah.syaf dropped by n hang out.we did some crazy stuff together.

1st.we kacau-ed this mat rempit who always kacau her.we went into his ym n deleted all his friends,except one.his girlfriend.

2nd.we chatted with the mat rempit's girlfriend(the minah rempit.) but we menyamar as him.therefore,we made her angry by saying things that are not suppose to be written here.budak kecik macam amelin x boleh tahu.haha.

when u look at the minah rempit's pic.u'll see a really innocance muslim girl who wear tudung labuh n still a high school student.the question is:kenape nak buruk2kan org pakai tudung ha minah rempit oi?..it's like she porpusely wanna insult the tudung itself.hish2.teruk.

then the mat rempit.the mat rempit doesnt seem to love his own life.he's like..life's suck.i hate my life.i wanna die..die..die..what kind of idiot doesnt love his life?senang2 nk benci nyawa yg tuhan kasi.i'm not trying to be an emo here but life is priceless.u cant buy life.u cant choose when to die.so,LOVE URSELF.LOVE UR LIFE.

remember rain is coming to town?syaf got some free tickets.i'm not going of course.malaslah.but nad,husna n jihan are going though.bestnye..

we're planning on having a slumber party in my house a day after the rain's concert.awesome!

n..yeah,niksu,esok anniversary!hehe.
syukri,selamat bercuti.
ab,selamat pulang.

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