Wednesday, January 17, 2007

happy 1st anniversary

i went to mak andak's house this morning.she was admitted to the ccu last week.but she's fine now.alhamdulillah.i'm family has loads of genetic failure,diabetes,hipertension n somehow,i'm still have the 50% chances of getting those penyakit.haiz.yakinkan aku,tuhan.

i called zati yesterday.she forgot our could u?i asked her.she said she just..urm..misread the calender.tau la dah habis skola kan?haha.she's currently working mid valley's delifrance.kerje la anda ye?

i went surfing the net today.i found a picture of a malay girl kissing her boyfriend.a french kiss.mmg malay la sbb name die.i was like..what the hell?nak buat dosa pon nak tangkap gambar ke?maybe she's just another spoiled teenager whose father damn rich n mother damn x kisah.but,uploading a frech kiss pic in the internet is way she's a's like way insulting her own's like..hey,i'm a muslim but i can kiss a guy.a totally bukan muhrim disgust me.get ur butt away from me please.if she's not a's fine with me.coz i've seen loads of chineses kissing in school (secretly ok?).but a muslim?i know she's a muslim coz she celebrates raya.tanggung la dosa anda.

last year's today.
the day i hate the astro's pak guard.who made me n zati late for the interview together with niksu by abg rizal in xfresh.the day i met niksu,zati n atheera for the first time.oh yeah.and abg rizal too!n oh yea..nana,zz,julia n adi too.not to forget kak faraa-d!hehe.happy anniversary niksu,zati n atheera!!hehe.

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