Thursday, January 18, 2007


today is the first day that i feel...erm..bored since 8th december.didnt do anything at home.n the mazris havent call me yet.bile lesen L aku siap weih?i'm excited to learn how to drive.after all the sindiran n kutukan they threw towards me.hannah nanti mesti bawak lambat 10km/h.xpe2,sabar saje la.

i watched cinta medik on tv9 just's quite ok.but the gaduh2 part was not,i hate the theme song.wassup with the song dude?taktahuantaradua which lyrically so stupid that i quoted a phrase from it..

kita tak tahu antara dua,
pilihan yang nyata,
sebelah hati inginkan cinta,
sebelah hati ingin kerjaya.

pilihlah kerjaya sengal!tu pon susah nak pilih ke?i hate that song so much that everytime i hear it,i either will switch off the radio,or run away.back to cinta medik,azizan nin is so funny in it!he did a great job in acting as sharif whose a bit sengal.cant wait to watch the next episode!but grey's anatomy,nip/tuck n er are still the best!

i hope there's no adam or farah's fan reading this.or i'll be dead.haha.

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