Sunday, January 14, 2007

geraham bongsu.

sakit gigi!it hurts like hell!i cant even laugh!makan jgn criter la..susah!i have to chew on the left side.even if i was sleeping,gigiku akan sakit immediately after i woke up!sobs..sangat sedih ni!huhu~.

mak said maybe geraham bongsu.normally akan sakit bila ia tumbuh.i went to the dentist yesterday but sadly it was too late.the clinic was already,i've made an appoinment n i have to go there again tomorrow.thank god!

aunty aisyah told me that atikah just arrived home after a month of helping the doctors in sabah.n she's just 17!she've been to the operation theatre,done the cpr thingy n took blood samples.she helped a lot there!oh.she's so lucky.pesakit pon ingat dia doctor.she even received a testimonial from the hospital itself.she framed it.of course!duh~.mak said i can also do that!i'm going to ask the dentist that i'll be seeing tomorrow and ask her if i can help her there!i just need the experience!hehe...

geraham bongsu..oh..geraham bongsu..

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