Sunday, January 21, 2007

a ghost story.

ever heard of 'ta wau ya wau lam'?.spell it in jawi n u'll get the word,this ta wau ya wau lam(twywl) thing always appear in hani's house n steal some money.even aunty faridah came to our house and ask mak to keep her money safe here.she said,she cant even keep a ringgit in her house,the twywl will somehow,find a way to steal it.huh,creepy huh?n i heard from kak long that this twywl went into the house through lubang jamban.huhu..

so,this morning,ustazah maznah came to teach me how to sharpen my reading when i recite the quran.hence,i took my bath after subuh.when the sky is still dark.when i was taking my bath,i heard some noise.mcm bunyi org ketuk2.i was wondering dtg dari manakah la kan.i thought it came from dapur but it's impossible sbb bunyi mcm dekat.n then,it ketuk2 again.i started to freaking out.i immediately get dress n tell mak about it.cikde was,mak said:'ntah2 ta wau ya wau lam tak?'i replied:'ntah la..menakutkan!'..then mak asked me how was the sound like?i told her that it's like ketuk2.then mak started to laugh.n she suddenly said it was her who porpusely ketuk the toilet window when she was picking some daun pandans.i was like..hah?mak ni sengaje je!!urgh!sgt la bengang.mengejutkan orang je.nasib baik x lemah smangat.haduhai.dan semua org ketawakan saya.including luqman,cikde,pak ude n ustazah maznah.malu la woi.

semalam tahun baru!salam hijrah 1428!ini baru new year!hopefully,korang dptlah tunaikan azam2 korg n maafkanlah andai ada tersalah atau tersilap kate.

salam hijrah!

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