Tuesday, January 09, 2007


kia carnival.
when my dad bought it in 2002,the price is rm160,000.now,after the monthly payment and so,we still have another 25 months to pay for the car.the amount:rm50,900.
in 2007,the price has lowered to rm50,000 utk yang baru la.mcm what we pay for the 25 months tu boleh beli satu kia carnival baru.so unfair.we have to pay the rm50,900 first to settle the hutang kereta so that we can sell it.but for a 2nd hand kia carnival,we maybe have to sell it like..rm30,000.i mean,mcm x berbaloi la kan?told mak that..tapi tiada reaksi.patut jual ke x eh?

CIMB bank.
went to the bank today.gile ar.mcm bodoh gile x pernah pergi bank.bende yang sangat simple pon gi tanye orng.settled mak's new account at CIMB.thank god for that!sekarang dah boleh online banking.tak payah buang2 mase duduk melanga kat krusi busuk CIMB tu.haha.

MOSTI(minister of science and technology)called.she asked to speak to my dad.she said the minister want dad to be a panel of i-dunno-what.sadly,hajat tak kesampaian.sorry.

esok ceramah dowh!malasnye!!ku amat berharap esok akan berlalu dgn pantas.hadoih.

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