Friday, January 19, 2007

spare a thought.

We are the foremost perfect creation of Allah however things that we do are often not perfect.

View of our eyes always deceiving,
View of our thoughts always wrong,
View of our nafsu always wining,
And view of heart is the truth,
If our heart is purely seeking for the truth…

The birth of a day doesn’t need to be ask,
The death of a day cannot be prevent…

When eyes meet eyes grow care,
When heart meets heart grow love,
But…when the forehead touch the sajadah then only grows whispers of Subbahannallah, Allah SWT Greatness…

“Apply on the ilm’(knowledge) is taqwa(faith),
Pass on of the ilm’ is ibadah(act of faith),
Repeating the ilm’ is zikr(strengthen of the faith),
Seeking of ilm’ is Jihaad.”
(Imam Al-Ghazali)

“Every hardship will enlarge when counted,
But will fade away when we care no more…”
(Imam Malik)

If we are in a land of reality of existent,
We do not feel its beauty,
Doesn’t mean the land is not beautiful,
But it’s our soul that is not beautiful…

Death of body is due to roh (soul),
Death of soul is due to no ilm’,
Death of ilm’ is due to no amal(deeds),
And Death of deeds is due to no istifar (seeking forgive)…

Sadness is a pure-nature.
Remembering them back may not be enough to cover the cuts of life still,
But weighing them again with the heart’s eyes might change,
Might be enough to put strength in soul and body so to move on with courage…

Ilm’ is the basic of deen of ISLAM,
Without Ilm’ human will be lost forever,
Following their hearts and their nafsu,
Neglecting their intellect from the truth,
Till it comes to

“Their deen becomes just a game”…

Deen is the pillar.
Influence is the Care-Taker.
If with no pillar, the life will tumbled down.
And If with no Care-Taker, the age is destroyed.
Because that Care-Taker is a Well-Respected person…
His Respect that he earns is the one who prevent him from Mungkar(evil deed).

Seeking for pearl, dive in the sea,
Seeking for happiness, struggle through hardship,
Seeking for success, sacrifice is given,
Then acknowledge, that every hardship is actually has thousands of sweetness of relieves in return…

People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But People will never forget how you made them feel...
Then seek forgiveness with people
To gain His Mighty Forgiveness in Here-After

Life needs sacrifice,
Sacrifice needs effort,
Effort needs strength,
Strength needs believe,
Believe determine success,
Success brings happy ending…

Life with no ambition is just a death,
Ambition with no effort is just a dream.

Ilm’ enlighten a heart that’s pure,
Sacrifice requires efforts with strings of strive and courage,
The truth in the end, success will be won,
Smiles of beauty will be carved on one’s face,
Barakah of Doa(s) to the Mighty One Most Gracious, Most Merciful…

Silence in reality is a decision of retribution,
The best of the best of wordings are the one with less word,
Nevertheless, still can be guidance ,
Safety of a person lies in the guard of his/her wordings,
Those with sweet words is a definite to win many friends.

Born from heart is ikhlas (pure intention),
Born from mind is logic,
Unite these Heart and Mind,
Battling nafsu that soon will perish…

The greatest Richness is Patience,
The most loyal Company is Amal(deeds),
The most alert Guardian is Silence,
The most beautiful Language is Smile,
And The most perfect Ibadaah is Khusyuk,

Shy of Men is good,
Shy of Woman is better;
Adil(Justice) of Every person is good,
Adil of a Ruler is better;
Taubat(Repentance) of Old person is good,
Taubat of Young person is better;
Sadaqah of Rich person is good,
Sadaqah of Miskin person is even better.

Seek deep in your heart anxiousness in the breath of your Solat,
Gather your pains of suffer in grasp of your Doa,
Cover up your regret with Taqwa,
And value your purity with Ikhlas of your heart.

Enliven the Feelings of “Having One God, Allah SWT”,
Enrich the Feelings of “Insan the Slave, Belonginess to God” ,
Litten up the word of ISLAM with every breath,
With full of Submits,
With full Fear of His Wrath,
on each of our acts…

Be Syukur (Thankful) for everything,
Be Honest to every syukur you felt…
And Never take things for granted,
For everything that occur is His Will,
And He Knows Best…

“Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, “Be! --- and it is!” [Sura Yassin 36:82]


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