Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i miss him

i'm not in the mood of posting anything now.didn't really feel like typing anything.i jus miss my dad so much.but like mak said,whenever i miss him,i'll recite the quran.we've khatam-ed for 3 times now.i really hope he'll get all of the pahala insyAllah.we decided to visit the kubur daily.it's now kinda a daily routine for us.kinda good actually,it makes me feel like he's just beside me.n i wouldnt feel so sad anymore.

kak yong came home from birmingham last monday.she didn't get the chance to meet my dad for the last time though.but she's ok with that.she didnt cry alot like i did.mak is getting better each day.it's great to see her smiling again.kak ngah cried a lot.luqman is also fine.we just miss my dad so much!

thanks to those who came to comfort me and to the tahlil.especially to husna who lent me her shoulder to cry on.she came to all 3 tahlils.thanks to
hani,syaf,nad,syazwan,shai,ariffah,akmal,kak lin n zati.

words can't describe how thankful i am to have all of u as my friends.

thanks to those who called or sms-ed.
xinwei,syukri,niksu,kak faraa-d,amelin and lots more.

for those who still have their loved ones,cherish them while they are still here.alfatihah to allahyarham daddy.

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