Thursday, January 04, 2007


everything went quite well for now.luqman is already a secondary school student.he said he love the school.what a skema student he is.he follows every single rules in the school,ie:dtg awal,potong rambut,potong kuku and so.he was late on his first day though.byk la die nak mengomplen kami yang menghantar lambat.hehe.

epf,faraid n so
.mak,kak ngah n kak yong bz menguruskan hal2 kereta n duit.i,on the other hand,did nothing.they said byk sangat tangan nanti kelam kabut.arwah daddy left some savings for us though.but we have to wait like 5 to 6 months for the faraid thingy settled.for now,we are completely broke.luckily,luqman is the only budak sekolah in the family n i'm not furthering my studies yet.perbelanjaan kurang,the siblings,decided to give mak our parts of the faraid so that mak able to organise everything easily.tapi,itu pon kena tunggu 5 to 6 months.

mak is planning on selling daddy's kia carnival car.but,itu pun kena tunggu though.i've paid mazris for my PDL licence.even though i havent go to the ceramah teori yet.speaking of that,i have to attend the ceramah on wednesday.

didnt go to the kubur yesterday.everybody was bz doing everything.quite sad actually,but we did recite the yassin together.speaking of yassin.some of mak's friends is organising a tahlil for my arwah daddy in my house on the 12th of january.feel free to come la!kalau senang la kan.

i told mak andak about working.mak andak told pak andak and suddenly abg ewan came to my house n told me that pak andak tak kasi.since pak andak is my daddy's brother,so i have to obey him.nevermind la kan.boleh teman mak.

kak yong is flying back to ireland on the 6th of january while kak ngah is flying back to kuching on the 7th of january.sad.hanya tinggal kami bertiga.sobs.

selamat pulang ke sekolah to all primary and secondary school students.

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