Monday, January 15, 2007


went to the pkns to pay for our apartment that we rent to dad's student's maintanace.then,i went straight to klinik pergigian Lisa Alis.lisa alis is the dentist that i adore.she's my idol.she's so cantik n her teeth is to die for!but sadly,she wasn't in.i was the first patient dentist is dr syikin.she said it's all about geraham takes 3 months to grow.n my gusi has lebam-ed.she gave me some pain-killers,antibiotic n some ubat sapu.i told her that my ambition is to be a dentist.she said:baguslah!...hehe..

mak's friends came over this morning.langsng tak kenal.but one of them suddenly tegur..

aunty1: anak aunty pergi sekolah naik bas..u?mama hantar?
me: err(trying to understand what is she talking about)..ha'ah.
aunty1: anak aunty sekolah yuhua juga la..die naik bas kena keluar awal..pukul 12.
me: ..oh(what's the point of telling me this?)..die primary ke?
aunty1: taklah..form 3..
me: oh..ok..
aunty2: ni tunggu spm ye?faizal dah matriks.
me: (ok now who the hell is faizal?)..hehe.
aunty1: anak aunty ade lagi sorg..kire senior u la..sebaye dgn faizal..muhd shariati..
me: .Oh!..shai!die slalu dtg!
aunty1: iye?tahlil ye?bawak kawan2 yeh?
me: ha'ah..ha'ah..

hadoih.rupenye,shai's mom is mak's friend.hadoih..hadoih..amatlah kecil dunia ini..

i took the antibiotic after i had my lunch.n then,muntah dowh!sekse!pahit tekakku!dh lame x muntah.hadoih.then,stomach ache pulak..macam2!

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