Sunday, January 07, 2007


another sad neighbour,datuk ibrahim[PM's brother]'s mother in law passed away yesterday morning in his home.(PM datang weih!lalu depan rumah!haha.escorted by polis2 sekalian.tingkap tinted ar..x dpt tgk muke PM..haha.).AL-FATIHAH.

my other neighbour pulak.he's 18 this year.tried to kill himself.but he survived.he ate 50 pills of sleeping pills.dah banyak kali dah dia try..cut his wrist la..pape la..guess y?let me tell u the story.before this,he was a real manja n rich kid.whenever he need money,his parents will give it to him.keluarga business la tu dikendalikan oleh the mother.unfortunately,the mother discovered that she has a tumor.she let her husband to deal the business thingy.things gone from bad to worse when the buiness dah linkup.bankrupt la..thus,the parents divorced.talak 3 weih.jangan memain!then,disebabkan ketiadaan duit,dia nak bunuh diri.tried for so many times.semuanye selamat.i was like,aku pon dah xde duit la weih..tapi xde la sampai nak bunuh diri..imagine la..pasal duit nak bunuh diri..dah byk pahale ko kumpul?..mak on the other hand said: nak mati mati je la terus.yes.mak kejam.mmg la kan.apeke bengap sangat?gasak kau la..

kak yong n kak ngah went back to their universities already.kak ngah just called.she just landed.kak yong is still flying though.tinggalla kami bertiga.mak,me n luqman.

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