Saturday, January 13, 2007


last night's tahlil went well.we perfomed isya' prayer before we did the tahlil.uncle yunos lead the tahlil.sgt laju!mcm express!

husna,syaf,shai n ean came to the tahlil as usual.they are my supporters!now n always will be!thanks guys,for coming.they went home at 12.00 am.memang la sgt baik hati menemankanku!hehe.

i'm not being a politician or so.but arwah daddy used to join the keadilan.n nurul izzah(anak anwar ibrahim) was one of dad's students at uniten.but that was then.she's now continuing her studies in the US.she's doing her masters i,she came last night!everybody was like..WOW!she's so low profile.she even wanna lepak with me n my friends!sgt la rendah diri!everybody wanted to take pictures with her.sbb dia sgt la lawa!

everybody else left at 10.30,me and my friends took the time to hang out,gossiping,n bullying/playing with the little ones.haha.ada sorg budak tu namenye anuar.terus teringat pada ada lah sorang tu..hadoih.

cikde spent the night here.she n pak uda wanna balik kampung in the morning.they just left.

sgt sorry kalau this post is offending the readers.

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