Friday, January 12, 2007


kolej komuniti is offering some january to march courses.i received the flyers from aunty faridah.berbaloi weih.rm 5 for each 5 hours session!antara kursus2 yang ditawarkan ialah baju kurung,membuat kek,aneka tart,membaiki telefon bimbit,usahawan n so.mak said i better join these courses so that i wont get bored at home.that's so true.after daddy's stuff settled,i have nothing else to do beside lepak,tv,mengaji n makan!(dah la mandi selang sehari!)haha.

i think i'm going to take the baju kurung,interior home design,membaiki telefon bimbit,membuat kek n usahawan.but i must discuss it with hani first coz we're going there together n i don't wanna take any courses alone.gile bosan mcm kereta!tak mau arh!

some of my classmates has furthering their studies now.each went to private college ie:taylor's,lim kok wing,sunway,ucsi,uniten(where daddy used to teach!i miss uniten!)n so.korg boleh la!banyak duit bleh bayar!uniten actually offering me a scholarship.they said they'll pay everything.tak boleh la tapi.course dentistry takde.sobs.

got a call from travex college.they asked if i'm interested in tourism.jadi tour guide,stewardess n all.Oh that is so not me!so,i didn't take the offer.

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